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Suits: The Half-Truth & Nothing But

A Suits Fan Community

USA Network's Suits
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Fans of USA Network's Suits - The Suitors' Domain


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This is a fan community for the USA network series, Suits. The premise for the series, as described on its Wikipedia entry, is as follows:

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is a lazy but brilliant college dropout with an eidetic memory that has allowed him to pass the bar exam without attending law school. Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), one of Manhattan's best lawyers, hires Ross as his new associate. Because of the firm's policy of hiring only Harvard Law graduates, Ross is forced to pretend that he has gone to Harvard.


1. All posts - fanfiction, fanart, discussions, icons, fan videos, whatever your pretty little head can think of - are allowed, as long as they pertain to USA Network's new legal drama, Suits, and its characters. The few exceptions are for individual introduction posts, which are only allowed for mods/maintainers (and even then posted pragmatically), and for community promotions. Those are allowed, if they're for communities related to Suits or for shows on the same network (i.e. Fairly Legal, Necessary Roughness, and so on) and must be approved by either of the two maintainers before being posted. DO NOT pimp random communities without mod-expressed approval!

2. RPF containing the actors of the show is allowed. RPF containing actors of the show and actors from different networks is also allowed, but Suits actors must be the protagonists, NOT side-characters.

3. All pairings - slash, het or gen - are not only allowed, but encouraged!!!

4. BE NICE to others. DO NOT wank about characters, pairings or anything else. If you do it more than three times and I catch you at it, that's three strikes, meaning you're out of the community! Spam comments are banned instantaneously!

5. Use tags to label your posts! Tagging makes it easier for people to sift through multiple entries. If there is a tag you'd like that isn't there, use !modhelp and I'll get back to you ASAP! Mandatory tags, for fanworks, are genre tags (slash, het, gen; canon, AU/AR) and word count tags for fanfics.

6. When posting fiction or art, don't forget to use a header! AT LEAST include something like title, characters/pairings, rating, warnings, word count, and summary! Subject headers are optional, but consider fic, art, discussion, video, and other explanatory precedents to whatever title you have.

7. All long or large posts (fanfic over one hundred words or any huge fanart) should be under an LJ-cut. LJ has made things easier for users, so all you have to do is highlight the text/image you want under the cut and click the LJ-cut button (a squiggly gray one).

8. Please do not forget warnings! If there will be graphic sexual situations depicted in your work, mention that. All ratings, from G to NC-17, are allowed, at your own discretion. There are people who are iffy with slash, het, violence, whatever. We not only want to make this community comfortable for them, but for you. If someone ostracizes you for what you like and you do not have a warning, I will let you shoulder the blame yourself.

9. You are allowed to recommend artwork/fanfiction/whatever, but make sure to have the creator's permission and give credit where it's due. Remember, this is a show about lawyers, and lawyers DO NOT think plagiarism is cool. ;)

10. LIMITS: When posting fanfiction entries, if you have more than one entry to post at a time, please consolidate them into one entry. This makes it easier for everyone and does not crowd people's flists. When posting community pimp posts, please limit them to one per user per day, with a maximum of 5 per week. This, too, as stated above, is designed to spread things out and not to overwhelm our friends' flists. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask either of the two mods who run this community. Thank You!

11. Please, when posting images that accompany community pimp posts, screencap entries, or anything of the like that calls for a corresponding image - make sure that it is no larger than 400px in width. This helps keep the community nice and pretty. Mod Posts are, of course, exempt to this rule.. but not by much! This also applies to videos posted as well - try and make them as close to 400px but not exceeding, as possible. It's greatly appreciated!

12. Who? What? Where? There is NO rule twelve!!! Have fun posting, you silly kids. ♥


songsinsuits: a Tumblr that explores the music in our wonderful show.

patrick_j_adams: a community dedicated to Patrick J Adams, the talented actor who plays Mike.

gabriel_macht: a fan community in honor of the gorgeous Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey.

suits_beta: a self-help community that connects writers and betas.

suits_bunnies: a community where you can share excess plot-bunnies.

suits_hurtpuppy: a community for a favored Suits trope: limp!Mike.

suits_graphics: a community exclusively for sharing/posting graphics.

legal_tenders: a Harvey/Mike community that goes beyond pre-slash.

suits_meme: a community version of suitsmeme. Round 4 +.

suitsmeme: a kink/prompt meme for Suits. All prompts allowed.

suits_ficfind: a community where members can help relocate lost fics.

suits_gen_bb: a big bang challenge with gen (pairing) fics and art.

suits_gen: a general Suits community without romantic focus.

suitsnewsletter: a newsletter providing daily information.

harvey_mike: a community for shippers of Harvey/Mike.

suits_slash: where fans can celebrate Suits slash ships.

suitsbigbang: a big bang challenge for the Suits fandom.

legallybinding: a Suits BDSM and spanking community.

suitsfic: a fic community for Suits allowing all genres.

tailored_suits: an official icon community for Suits.

suits_exchange: a fanart/fanfic exchange for Suits.

suits_fic: a haven for Suits related fanworks.

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suits_rec: a multi-fanwork rec community.

donna_harvey: a Donna/Harvey community.

mike_rachel: a Mike/Rachel community.

summersuits: a summer fic exchange.











PM me if you'd like to be included as an affiliate! The more, the merrier.

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